Denialle Von Fitch


Won't you be forever friends with Marsha? She's been hanging around in the back of the warehouse for years just waiting for someone to take her home, to a new home. You see, Marsha used to be the star of the show at the department store in 1945. She loved being the center of attention in the front window. Every week she got a new outfit, a new chance to show off how glamorous you could be. Then as the stores began to close, as malls took over she got shuffled to the back. The new modern mannequins showed up, no makeup, no facial expression, no character. Marsha became just another display mannequin taking up space. She's had quite the adventure and even spent some time in the desert with her "family". After the tests she got put in storage and has been there ever since, she's missing some parts but no matter, she's still as sharp as a tack.

With the new age of shopping online, fast fashion and shopping on demand, there is no room for Margaret anymore. However she can live on in your closet. Take her out for a spin... but beware she's looking for the rest of her body parts... and you might just be a perfect fit.